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Pre-Owned Furniture Sourcing

If you are a business owner and the head of finances for a company, then you are constantly looking for ways to save money.  For a company to be successful, they should aim to make a profit every year, so they need to learn to be fiscally responsible.  One way for a company to save money is to purchase pre-owned furniture for their office space.  There are several benefits of a company purchasing used office furniture. Kairos does work with many Fortune 500 companies with access to excellent inventories for purchase without the need for a broker.


One of the top advantages of buying used office furniture is that allows your business to save money easily.  If you look around and shop wisely, you can buy high-quality pre-owned office furniture for half the price of new furniture.  Most used furniture pieces have only been used for a few years and have minimal to no wear and tear.  Nothing is better than using a pre-owned product that is the same quality as a new one for a lower price.

Faster Delivery

One of the downsides of buying new furniture is that it can take a while for it to deliver to your office.  Luckily with used office furniture, it can be delivered much quicker to you so you can start using it at work.  Many used furniture pieces are available for immediate delivery which can get to you in a matter of days.  Kairos has access to multiple sources for pre-owned furniture options.

Environmentally Friendly

When you purchase a pre-owned piece of office furniture, you are preventing it from being sent to a landfill.  Many furniture pieces can take years and years to break down, damaging the earth.  You can save money and help the planet by buying used office furniture.  

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